Celebrate every day

     I had the pleasure of having lunch yesterday with a good buddy of mine. He is 19 and has a form of autism.  Over lunch he told me that next year he gets to spend his 20th birthday in Key West, Florida as his cousin will be getting married there. I said to him “That will be so much fun, a whole weekend full of celebrations!” To which he replied, “There is something to celebrate every day.” WHAT?  The more I thought about that statement throughout the day, the more I realized how profound it was. 

                  Last time I wrote about taking time to grieve and to celebrate. I said that each thing had a purpose, and we should take time for each thing. I saw it in the big picture of birth and death and the moments between each that we share with a loved one. What I missed, and what I think we often miss, is our own every day.  I don’t know how I could have missed it, but I did. The more I thought about it, the more I realized there is really something worth celebrating every day.

   I don’t believe I am the only person on this planet who misses, or rather is blind, to the everyday things worth celebrating.  Why? Because we no longer live life in the moment.  We are so busy, so bombarded with social media, news, get it done now, run here, go there, do this, do that, that we scarcely have time to breathe!  We are humans on the run to the next thing, before we can even absorb what we just left behind.  So we miss what is really important in life, those tiny every day moments that are worth celebrating.  Tiny blessings sent to us to ease our burden, and make our day better.  It saddens me to think of what we are missing out on. Celebrating life every day! And not just any old life, but our life!

I want to celebrate those moments.  I am not saying it has to be a party every day with cake, balloons, and all the trimmings. What I am proposing is that we stop and celebrate by taking a deep breath and absorbing the moment.  Stopping for a second allows our soul to be nourished by our inward celebration.  It brings peace, gratitude, and possibly a different perspective on our day. It allows us to live in the moment, and that is where life is meant to be lived.

So start looking for and celebrating life’s precious moments


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