What a year it has been

I was looking at my journal before I came to work today. This time last year I saw myself as nothing but a worthless broken mess. That’s the blunt truth. But as I looked through the pages I began to see just how far I have journeyed, how much I have changed. It is not change visible to the human eye, but change on the inside. Change that can only been seen and felt by myself and those who are closest to me. It is change in my thoughts, attitudes, my relationships, the way I now embrace my world.
There is no longer a worthless broken mess sitting here before the computer typing these words. NO. What she is healthy and well on her way to being whole. She is a survivor of the worst trauma. She is strong, courageous, and enough. She is and will continue to be ok. She is loved, accepted, and forgiven. She is no longer the victim, but the victor. She is defined not by what others think or feel, but by what she knows to be the truth. A year can change so many things…


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