Acts Of A Heart

Cam 2

    I take things for granted every single day.  I am not referring to big things like my home or job.  No, I am referring to much smaller things. Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, shaving cream… These things keep me clean and make me feel good. But what if I didn’t have these things?  What then?

     There are people who live without these things.  They don’t have time to worry about such things as soap because they don’t always know when they will eat again or where they will sleep.  I am referring to the homeless and hungry.  The people our church serves at Grace and Grits.   This leads me to a story.

      There is a young man in our church who just turned eleven.  For his birthday he requested, not games or toys like most eleven year olds, but travel sized toiletries to give to the homeless at Grace and Grits.   He got about four hundred of them.  I was blown away by this story and even more blown away when I got to take him to Grace and Grits and help him hand them out.   I learned something.   

    Our message the week before had been on Acts chapter 2:42-47.  In this passage we are told the early church and its three thousand new believers sold whatever they could, be it property or possessions, to give to those in need.  They took care of each other and anyone who had need.  Did they do so begrudgingly?  Did they do so with grumbling and complaining?  Not at all.   They did so with glad and sincere hearts.  A sincere heart is a selfless heart; a glad heart is a grateful heart.  As I stood helping my young friend hand out toiletries to the homeless it occurred to me.  A young boy had given up birthday presents (what he had) to give to those in need and he did so with a sincere and glad heart.  The acts of the early church were playing out in 2014.

     I learned what it is to give from a sincere and glad heart.  A sincere heart is selfless, it thinks of the needs of others and ways to help provide for those needs.  A glad heart is a grateful heart.  A glad heart thinks because I am blessed I can give to others happily and willingly.  I learned church isn’t the place I visit every Sunday, but it is people coming together to help others.  Gladly and sincerely.

       It might seem you don’t have anything to give.   But trust me you do. That night I gave some of my time.  A boy gave up birthday gifts.  Maybe you have some time you can give to help others, maybe you have gifts you can give, or maybe you don’t.  However, you still have something to give.   We can always offer up a smile, an encouraging word, or a prayer.   May we do so with glad and sincere hearts.

     Cam, this one is for you ❤      Cam one


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