The Black Widow…


     Growing up my favorite female super hero was Wonder Woman. Maybe because that was all I was exposed to, maybe it was her cool invisible jet. I’m not really sure.   Fast forward a few years, and I am introduced to a different female super hero.    And Wonder Woman was instantly replaced, by none other than The Black Widow.

   I was introduced to her in “The Avengers”, and during the movie I said to my husband, “She is a bad ass.” I really didn’t know much else about her after that movie.   Recently, I saw “Captain America: Winter Solider” in which the Black Widow appears. I discovered more about her character, and my love for her grew. I present to you why I love the Black Widow.

She’s unapologetic about who she is.   She is a bad ass and she knows it. She has a history with the KGB, and is a trained assassin. She can lure men into her trap with her sexy looks, bedroom eyes, and then turn the tables on them. She kills and moves on. She apologizes for none of it.   I love this about her, not because she is a trained killer, but because she accepts who she is.   That is the place I strive to be in my own life. So comfortable in my own skin, I longer apologize if someone doesn’t like it.

   She cares about her friends.   This was blindingly evident in “Captain America: Winter Solider”. In the midst of the fighting, she is questioning the Cap about women he may like to date. Women only do that to friends they care about.   The Black Widow is also always there to back her friends up in a fight. She doesn’t leave all the fighting to them, but is quite content to do her fair share and make sure her friends get out alive.

   She’s strong. I love that the Black Widow is not just strong physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. She has to be in order to do what she does.  Again, she doesn’t apologize for this strength. She wears it and wears it well.

              I have enjoyed the Black Widow in both “The Avengers” and “Captain America: Winter Solider”. I would very much like to see Marvel give her a feature film of her own.  She’s a bad ass super hero and she deserves it.   


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